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    Felt Tote Bag

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    Felt Tote Bag is a Heavy Duty Extra Large Moving Bags.


    • Easy to Carry as a Backpack or by the Handles – Erase the worries about how you are going to carry heavy loads. Easily carry our bag by the strong poly webbing backpack straps that allow you to carry the bag like a backpack, or by the heavy-duty carrying handles.
    • Move Without Boxes – No need to buy and assemble boxes or look for moving supplies. Move easier with strong and large capacity bag that makes a lightweight, convenient, and economical alternative to moving boxes. Just unfold, unzip, and begin loading to move your essentials into your college dorm room or new apartment! Take advantage of the versatility and use the bag as a storage bin, tool container, laundry bin, travel bag, camping bag, and organizer. 
    • No Need to Remove Clothes Hangers with Extended Zipper – Forget about the hassle of having to remove the hangers from your clothes when moving homes. Load your hung clothes easily as the 2-way dual-tab zipper extends down one side of the bag which allows the bag to open wide. Simply place your clothes inside with the hanger handle peeking out at the top, zip the bag up, and unload to hang your clothes again in your new closet! Move easier and save time and energy.
    • Heavy-Duty & Water-Resistant Structure – Don’t worry about your bag ripping or tearing from heavy loads or bulky objects. Have peace of mind with reusable and sturdy Felt Tote bags which are made of extremely durable and water-resistant PP-woven material which is built to last and easy to maintain. You don’t have to be concerned about getting your bag dirty or damp either. Simply use a sanitizing wipe or damp cloth to clean both the interior and exterior and follow by air-drying.
    • Foldable for Easy Storage – You don’t have to worry about Felt Tote bags taking up and crowding space. Collapse and fold flat into a small size to save space and store compactly in your room, drawer, cabinet, closet, garage, luggage, or car trunk. Eliminate the consumption of disposable cardboard boxes with stylish, reusable, and sustainable bags by Felt Tote which are created by maximizing the use of post-consumer material.