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    Ceramic Cigar Ashtray

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    Ceramic Cigar Ashtray is a best cigarette and put out the cigarette butts.


    • Easy to use and clean. There is a movable mandrel in the middle of the outdoor ashtray, which can help you hold the cigarette and put out the cigarette butts. Rinse under the tap. Reduce the number/cleaning time, more time to enjoy.
    • fashion. The appearance is simple but elegant. The non-slip pad at the bottom prevents the table top from sliding and scratching. The simple silver color matches any of your furniture. Provide excellent decoration for your home. A fully functional and very beautiful ashtray.
    • Ceramic cigar ashtray, net weight: 230g, size: 120 * 68 * 25mm.
    • The design of high-temperature ceramic hand-painted glaze is meticulous and realistic.
    • U-shaped large card slot, enjoy the fun of cigars.