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    Arranging Wall Art: Tips to Know

    Don't Rush

    Plan out your desired arrangement carefully. "It can be difficult to visualize how a combination of art will look on the wall, so it can be helpful to draw out your plan on graph paper or to use a computer program to arrange your art.

    Be sure to measure first.

    Space everything out evenly. Designer Stephanie Lindsey suggests at least four inches between frames. Any closer and the art will look crowded. When pieces are so close together, every little imperfection stands out, so it's crucial to hang everything level."


      When creating a display, think outside the box a bit. By blending art and artifacts along a wall, and even turning the corner, the space becomes more alive."

    Choose a Variety of Frames

    It's ok to mix and match frames. "Most homes have a variety of finishes, so I always encourage people to hang what they love and not worry about the rest!" Thorup concludes.

    Think about lighting.